Kidzania Theme Park: 2N Audio-over-IP System

Kidzania Theme Park is an educational world created to inspire and empower children to participate in real life roles.

Location:    Chile
Client:         Kidzania Theme Park


Kidzania is an international children's theme park with 16 centres throughout the world.
Designed to empower kids, Kidzania gives them the confidence to challenge themselves and inspire them to explore the world of opportunities. KidZania is a real life role play experience for 4-14 year olds, blending learning and reality with entertainment.

What were the customer's requirements?

For their new site in Chile, Kidzania wanted a centralised public address and background music system, to distribute messaging and themed music throughout all areas of the park.
Covering both iside and out - including the bank, factory, radio station, newspaper office, car service station and fire station (all for the kids, by the way!), this centralised PA system would trigger music and messaging as children enter each area of the theme park.

How is the 2N Net Audio Decoder solution implemented?

Standard PA loudspeakers are installed throughout the park playing the same music source. Each buiding and outdoor play zone features a 2N Net Audio Decoder audio-over-IP end-point which is connected to a standard PA amplifier; each amplifier feeds the multiple loudspeakers per zone.
The 2N Net Audio Decoder IP end-points are connected via a standard fiber LAN network to a centralised server room where the Net Speaker Server is installed on a dedicated server system.

Why was the 2N Audio-over-IP System chosen?

2N Net Speaker and Net Audio Decoder is a highly robust system designed for 24/7 commercial use and comes with its own easy-to-use dedicated software control tool.
As an IP connected system, once the PA system had been installed and implemented, the installer could provide control support and servicig remotely over a wide area network.

What is the benefit to the customer?

Kidzania can control all the Net Audio Decoder end points on the system remotely from a single location. If the connection between the 2N NetSpeaker Server and the Net Audio Decoders fails for any reason, the 2N Decoder devices' inetrnal SD cards can continue to deliver pre-recorded music and messaging without any interuption.

In an emergency, announcements can be made to all locations where 2N Audio-over-IP devices are located.

About the 2N Net Audio Decoder product:

The NetSpeaker Audio-over-IP System from 2N provides a new concept in voice / music / audio distribution over the internet or via LAN / WAN connections.

Controlled via a PC-based Central Management Software tool (available for FREE Download*), the 2N NetSpeaker System allows the user to stream music, recorded voice announcements, tones, jingles and promotions or live paging announcements to any on-site zone, remote site or multiple zones/sites via a standard web, LAN or WAN connection.

The 914010E Model is the Net Audio Decoder ‘End Point’ – the signal-over-IP Receiver / Interface, which is located at the audio system output point(s), and is connected to the loudspeaker, loudspeaker group or additional power amplifier.

Using audio-over-IP ( or AoIP ) technology to allow hugely flexible multi-zone / multi-site distributed sound, and with 2N’s simple to set-up, simple to control NetSpeaker software; complex distributed audio systems can be achieved with ease, speed and significant cost / time savings.


- 2N 914010E Net Audio Decoder Audio-over-IP End-Point