Building Smart Home Interfaces for Human Beings

HowToAV talks to Geoff Meads - CEDIA EMEA Lead Instructor - about his CEDIA Education Seminar at ISE 2017 -
UI vs. UX - Building Smart Home Interfaces for Human Beings.

Geoff Meads of Presto AV and CEDIA EMEA lead instructor - introduces his latest CEDIA Seminar to be presented at ISE 2017; 'UI vs. UX - Building Smart Home Interfaces for Human Beings'.

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Date: 8 Feb 2017   |   Time: 09:30 - 11:00   |   Room: D201

Ever wondered why you always seem to return to the same apps, websites and devices? Chances are that it’s because of a well-designed, thoughtful ‘User Experience’.
User Experience Design (or ‘UX’) goes beyond the normal ‘collection of buttons’ type of interface. It’s a design ethos that seeks to present controls in an easily understandable, human-friendly manner and in a way that keeps users coming back for more.
This session will look at the key factors that make up a great user experience. Using examples (both good and bad…) from hardware, software, apps and websites, it explores the emotive side of user interfaces and how, when designed well, they can deliver more than just function.
It’s essential knowledge for those looking to build the very best Smart Home controls.

ISE Training Media Partner - - talks to CEDIA lead instructor Geoff Meads to discuss the seminar and what visitors and delegates can expect from the ISE Show and training seminars. ISE2017 Training Media Partner is the offical Training Media Partner for ISE2017.

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