The Impact of Good Sound on Business

Tom Colman, Shure UK talks to HowToAV about his InfoComm ISE 2017 Seminar 'The impact of good sound on business'.

A lot of microphones in board rooms aren’t being used to the best of their ability. Whilst the quality of the microphones is very high, the way that end users interact with them is not optimal at all. So the focus here is the way user’s use the microphones and how that’s received to the far end call. Making people aware of how their sound that they are creating is affecting their own clients and other colleagues that they work with.

What are the effects of a good and bad sound system?

boardroom set up‘I think it comes down to the ear, the ear is very good at processing audio but when we replace the situation when we have poor quality sound the ear does a really good job at compensating for the bad quality sound. But the longer you are subject to poor quality sound, the harder the brain has to work and therefore the more tired you become. All of this is going to have a massive effect on your overall well-being and the efficiency at work. If you can hear stuff perfectly clear straight away all the time, and then you are likely to do better work and be more productive at the office. It’s all about signal-to-noise. The higher the signal is and the lower the noise is, the less processing your deduction the brain has to do.’

Purchase Clock Audio Ceiling Microphones from CIEHow important is the microphone for part of the system?

Microphones are a key part of an audio system especially if the main aim of a system is for communication, for example a boardroom. If most of that communication is going to be verbal; you have to look at how that room could be optimised to make sure that verbal communication can get from room to room.

Why should the end user be convinced a microphone is a real important investment?

You can invest in nice chairs, tables, screens and furnishings but if the sound that’s being produced or picked up from that boardroom being sent to the far end is of poor quality, then that’s not going to benefit you at all. You need to look at different microphone technology and also room acoustics as well.

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