How to make a good AV project great

Simon Buddle - CEDIA Education Director - introduces his latest CEDIA Seminar to be presented at ISE 2017; and gives advice on how to make a good AV project great.


One of the key elements in making an AV project from good to great is being objective about snagging. Sometimes people see snagging almost as ‘pointing a finger of blame’ when it is actually part of the process. Being objective about that and dealing with it in a positive manner is key.

The Client

Client customisation elements are actually going the distance with your client, revisiting the home until they are truly happy with everything that has been installed and how it’s all working for them. Is it customised to suit their lifestyle not how your engineers envisage their life being.

Roll the project over into a service

The final element of being able to receive the last 5% of payment and then, rolling the project over into a service and maintenance contract. Maintenance and having a long term relationship with the client’s property is critically important to the success of most peoples businesses.

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