Challenges of Integrating Technology with Human Behaviour

Tom Colman of Shure Microphones UK presents 'The challenges of integrating technology with human behavior and business needs' as part of the InfoComm Application Labs at ISE 2017.

Available at CIE Motorised Retractable Ceiling MicrophoneIn a typical boardroom situation the attention is not on the microphone but on the meeting. We all just assume that there is a microphone 'it will pick me up'. So we are looking at how we can try educate users to make sure they can use those microphones correctly and how new audio technologies available can improve a system.

What audio technologies are available to improve a system?

Durable coverage technology microphones - A boundary microphone that sits in the desk and also a ceiling array microphone that can be flush mounted into a typical drop ceiling grid. These microphones really help in terms of having the ability to spear the coverage around the room to where the users actually are.

What can we do to make improvements to existing audio technology?

The key to improving audio technology is educating the users. We already have high quality equipment they are using it's more about the educational process to make sure users can get the best of the equipment.

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